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National gallery of wines SR 2019

Pinot gris 2017 sur lie

quality varietal dry white wine with attribute - grape selection
Southern Slovakian viticulture area - Dubník D.S.C.

Elegant work with the first wood without singeing. The virgin barrel lost own virginity – great secret, which not everybody could realize. But our Pinot Gris is available for all. A long journey awaits our Pinot, full of excitement and admiration of the elegant body, which would never get old. A wine enjoyed by the entire spectrum of wine lovers and real experts in great wines.


National gallery of wines SR 2019

alcohol: 14,6 %vol.
residual sugar: 1,9 g/l
acids: 6,1 g/l
9,72vith VAT11,90€ vith VAT
Čas dodania: in stock
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