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All our ŠIMÁK CHATEAU PEZINOK - Roman Janoušek Edition wines are made in the almost mysterious cellars of the Pezinok Chateau. White, rosé and red. With elegant colour and a captivating bouquet. With a taste in which character dominates. The unmistakable character, which is the penetration of our father's technology in addition to our own. So let's stop in time and space for a moment and promise to be friends

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Roman Janoušek

Those top grades are fine, but gymnasium is an uncertain solution. We live in a wine region. What about trying the winery school in Modra – my dad says, and this is the first occasion on which he decides my professional fate. If you don't accept it, you're not my son anymore – it was quite aggressive on the second occasion, when I hesitated over the offer from the chairman of “Limbach”farmer’s association to work as a cellar master. So I really began to make wine in 1993.


Our vineyards are located in the top winegrowing location in the south of Slovakia. On picturesque slopes in the municipality of Dubník, at an altitude of 245 metres, we take care of and cultivate nearly 70 hectares of vineyards. In the nearby Svodín, it is another 22 hectares. The slopes in Dubník are oriented to the south or southwest. The clay, loam-clay soil contains the optimal amount of calcium, which delivers exceptional quality to the vineyard.

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We cultivate and harvest a vast majority of grapes in our own vineyards located on sunny slopes in Dubník and nearby Svodín in the sought after Strekov region. Our vineyard sees no herbicides, and it gets adequate amounts of protective materials. A substantial part of the grapes are hand-picked by our staff and temporary workers. In the Pezinok Chateau, we process the harvest with state-of-the-art technology. We are the only one in Slovakia who has a very grape-friendly vibratory grape feeding hopper.

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Our Wine Cellars

Our wine matures in barrique barrels in medieval cellars. Since they were built, they have served as a wine storage and maturing area because they have a favourable north-facing orientation. The cellars consist of two interconnected parts, both of which are breathtaking. The oldest are the vault cellars built of burnt bricks.

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Our Story

We decided to make wine the way it should be made. From grapes from own vineyards, from the varieties which belong in Slovakia and in our own cellars. Wine must be lush, nice and tasty. When we believe that we are able to fulfil this aim, it is easier to convince our business partners of our position on the saturated market.

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