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We cultivate and harvest a vast majority of grapes in our own vineyards located on sunny slopes in Dubník and nearby Svodín in the sought after Strekov region. Our vineyard sees no herbicides, and it gets adequate amounts of protective materials. A substantial part of the grapes are hand-picked by our staff and temporary workers. In the Pezinok Chateau, we process the harvest with state-of-the-art technology. We are the only one in Slovakia who has a very grape-friendly vibratory grape feeding hopper. We use modern rotary wine-making machines, sediment separators, filters, and computer-controlled stainless steel tanks, capable of preserving the temperature that grapes and wine-makers require. The whole process ends in our own bottle filling machine.

Modern technology is just an assistant which does just what our experts allow and what they require. Our wines are a genuine product, they have a vivid colour and aromatic bouquet. The taste is pure, without disturbing elements.

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