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Prague Premium Gold 2019

Riesling 2018

quality varietal dry white wine with attribute - late harvest
Southern Slovak viticulture area - Dubník D.S.C.

A wine maturing during six months on first yeasts in a stainless tank, thanks to this approach it acquired a firm, yellow-green colour. Fresh aroma despite a soft creamy-spicy character. Clear king of white wines of the extravagant year 2018. At the beginning of own journey in a bottle with linden-honey taste. After maturing it will be full off generous cerasine, which, as it were, in own genetic code. Again a Riesling with an ambition to become leader of the Pezinok Winery.


Prague Premium Gold 2019

alcohol: 13,17 %vol.
residual sugar: 3,7 g/l
acids: 7,3 g/l
7,88vith VAT9,70€ vith VAT
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