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National collection  of wines Slovak republic 2020

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

quality varietal dry red wine with attribute - grape selection
Southern Slovakian viticulture area - Dubník D.S.C.

A real king of red wines, by origin from France, but born in Southern Slovakia, in the municipality of Dubník. Slovak Cabernet tough as leather. Wine aroma rotates around high quality ground red pepper, but also cassis, viola and small black berry fruits. The never ending taste is over in the moment of an empty chalice, but our taste-buds wish to repeat this experience.  Yes, we nearly forgot, the wine matured during one year in a new 3000l barrel Seguin Moreau.


National collection of wines Slovak republic 2020

alcohol: 14,1 %vol.
residual sugar: 3,2 g/l
acids: 5,6 g/l
9,00vith VAT10,80€ vith VAT
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