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Champion Vienále Topoľčianky 2019

Blaufränkisch 2017

quality varietal dry red wine with attribute - grape selection
Southern Slovakian viticulture area - Dubník D.S.C.

One moment in a stainless steel tank and later in a barrel, a large one, 3000l Seguine Moreau. Wine colour like Blaufränkisch, born in Slovakia, more precisely in Dubník. An elegant red colour with intelligent shade of own mightiness.  Juicy cherries and sour cherries as well as plums alternate in its aroma, similarly as in taste. Beautiful and mighty taste promises an experience in the present time but clearly also in the future.


Champion Vienále Topoľčianky 2019

alcohol: 14,5 %vol.
residual sugar: 3,3 g/l
acids: 5,7 g/l
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